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    Item: Saginaw Furniture Shops Expand-o-matic Expandaway Table.

    I am offering this Saginaw Furniture Shops Exanding table for auction. At first glance it’s a 36″W X 30″H X 20″D side table (buffet) with a small felt lined silver drawer on one side. Pull the drawer handles out to extend the Watertown Table Slide, adding table leaves stored within to create a full sized dining room 36″ wide table over 9′ long.

    Saginaw Expandable Table

    Saginaw Expandable Table


    Saginaw Expand-O-Matic Buffet Table Extended

    Saginaw Expand-O-Matic Buffet Table Extended

    Condition: There are no broken parts or missing pieces. The construction is veneered plywood. The veneer is in tact with the exception or a 1/4″ chip in the table top edge and a 1/8″ strip flaked off on the bottom back edge. (See Photos) There are minor marks about the piece which is in over-all decent quality. There is a water damage area of the veneer on the top surface of the closed unit, approx 4″ wide where the veneer appears brown.

    The color and grain are light oak. The leaves (all stored out of sunlight within the table) are contrast in comparison to the unit. The piece has darkened over the years with a rich yellow tint from the original stained color.

    There are six table leaves 15″ x 36″ to expand the unit to the full sized table.

    Reference from internet on similar table:

    Q: I have a piece of furniture that was my grandmother’s. I have no idea what it’s called. It looks like a chest of drawers, but it pulls out to be a table that seats 12 people. It has six leaves that are stored inside the chest. There are two labels inside the door. One says, “Saginaw Furniture Shops, Inc.” and has a picture of an Indian chief. The other label says, “All exposed structural parts and plywood faces guaranteed mahogany.” I hope you can help.

    A: You have an Expand-o-Matic buffet table. Saginaw Furniture Shops opened in the late 1920s. It was known for its Expand-o-Matic and Expandaway tables. Another version was shaped like a desk and called Extensol. The top fake drawer of the Expand-o-Matic pulls open and telescopes into a table with an accordion-style construction. Full extension can be up to 84 inches. The expanding mechanism is called a Watertown Slide and was made by the Watertown Slide Corp. of Watertown, Wis. The tables were sold in the 1940s and ¤’50s in different shapes — chests or desks — in various finishes. Saginaw Furniture Shops is now out of business. Tables from this line have sold recently for $450 to $800, depending on condition.


    I am not desperate to sell this piece due to it’s unique appeal and awesome functionality. I like it and have storage. This table is now for auction with a price of $500. Local pickup only.

    More information: There has only been one owner of this Saginaw Expanding Table. I have held on to this piece for two years since she gave it me but need to sell or move it to storage soon.

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